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Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins

Chaotic Ramblings of the Hereafter

Anya Jenkins
4 July
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Oh, wow, does life suck right now. Actually, it doesn't. Mostly because it's hard for life to suck when you don't have a life. Yeah, there was this whole battle with evil, the First Evil, actually, that went down. We drew straws, and I ended up with the short one, meaning I got to fight with Andrew. And then I got to experience death a la ubervamp. But I helped in the fight. I helped stop them. That's important, right? No one can say that all I ever cared about was money.
That, and Xander.

Anyway, so, bam, I wake up, I'm here in the, uh, well, not sure what it is. I don't think former vengeance demons go to heaven, but this definitely isn't any hell dimension I've ever been in before. I'm here in the hereafter? That works.

I'm looking down on all my friends, watching as the Scooby Gang spreads out across the world to gather the new slayers. And maybe I'll check in on the LA group, see how they're faring.

Who's our little patriot?

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